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About Me

I'm Ross Timson, and I live in the Scottish Borders. I work as a Live Service Specialist which most folk would call Sys Admin, Web Operations or SRE at Sage UK Ltd. where I am part of a team that primarily looks after Sage One as well as some other web based services.

Writing a blog has been on my todo list for at least five years now so I've finally got around to it. I often experiment with things but never make decent notes only to find myself learning it all over again six months later. This blog aims to keep all my notes in one place and hopefully some of them will be interesting to others too. The site is even generated from my favourite note taking app Emacs + Org Mode.

I love all things open source and predominately work on AWS so I will mainly be blogging about web operations related tech with a strong focus on *nix operating systems and the cloud. I also sometimes try to code, admittedly not very well, so I might occasionally post about that.

I don't have comments going on here but please feel free to contact me with feedback or to ask questions via the links below.

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